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 WordPress is the most popular blog hosting used by most bloggers across the globe. WordPress has many rocking features like the theme, plugin, SEO, etc. Yoast SEO, XML sitemap plugins are very good and unique for SEO. WordPress hosting can manage huge traffic to your blog. Every good blogger and big company and News site uses WordPress for their blogs.


How to get free wordpress hosting for your domian

WordPress already gives free hosting with limited functionality for sub-domain like yoursite.wordpress.com but it needs to upgrade if you want to use your custom domain.


All these things are good for WordPress but, most of the new bloggers who just started blogging can’t afford WordPress hostings. This blog is going to be for those newbies who can’t buy WordPress hosting.

So, today we are going to learn about how to get free WordPress hosting for your custom blog


Steps to get free WordPress hosting:

1.   Create a free hosting account

2.   Make subdomain at free hosting

3.   Point domain to hosting




How to get free WordPress hosting


Price of WordPress hosting from Bluehost is $3.95 per month. As a beginner, most bloggers can’t buy WordPress hosting which stops them from getting traffic from search engines even if their blog has good content. Free WordPress hosting lets you boost your traffic and buy WordPress hosting when you earn from your blog.



We are going to use a website that gives free WordPress hosting for your domain. The main thing about this hosting website that it is completely free. You can have


1      1 Website

·       300 MB disk space

·       Limited bandwidth ( 3 GB )

NO email account

24/7/365 support


Still these features are good if you want then you can upgrade to Hostinger at a very cheap price to get unlimited WordPress hosting.

Steps to follow for free WordPress hosting…


You have to follow 3 Steps for free hosting.


#Step 1: Create a free account at 000webhost


000webhost is a free hosting website that gives free and limited WordPress hosting. It is a subsidiary of the famous hosting service provider company Hostinger. 000Webhost is designed for students who are learning for web-development, web-designing, and blogging. Once you are set up with a 000Webhost free account and start earning you can upgrade to Hostinger for cheap hosting.


1.   Go to 000webhost.com


Free wordpress Hosting

2.   Click that       Get Started         Button


000WebHost Plans Price


3.   Now choose Free Sign up option to get free WordPress hosting


000webhost login page

4.   Enter your mail address choose a strong password and confirm it



😀You had done step 1 now proceed to #step 2


#Step 2: Make subdomain at 000webhost


You will need to create a free subdomain from 000webhost like yourblog.000webhost.com, choose any sub-domain name because it will be changed after you connect your domain with 000Webhost. You can also continue further without the custom domain. You can also install WordPress with a single click after creating a free 000webhost account.   


1.    Click Let's Create some Magic



2.   Now click ‘Blog’   


3. Choose your Niche


4.     Enter your site name 


5.    Click WordPress


6.   Choose Password     


#Step 3: Point your domain to 000webhost WordPress hosting


Till now you had created a free WordPress hosting you have to point your domain toward your free WordPress hosting. You can skip this step if you don’t have a custom domain. You can also check Young bloggers adda for a guide to get free domains.  You can use Godaddy to buy domains.


1.   Add two Cname records

             www  -->  Yoursite.000webhost.com

             root   -->  Yoursite.000webhost.com                                                 


You must change your site by your own site name



2.   Add domain to 000webhost


 In 000webhost c-panel click tools -- Set web address -- Add new domain -- pointed domain Add your domain name and click save.


It may take up to 24 hours to some of the domain registrar to update the Cname record. So be patient.



Comparison between 000WebHost and another free WordPress hosting


000webhost has better hosting than other free WordPress hosting providers. Since it is the student version of Hostinger that’s why it provides limited bandwidth and disk space. It places a sponsorship banner of itself on the bottom right corner.


I had tried many other free WordPress hosting services but they Suck.

1.   Infinityfree.net :


Infinityfree is one of the most popular the free hosting service provider which also gives 3 months free SSL for your custom domain.

You can have a maximum of 3 free accounts. It says that it is an independent hosting service and mainly earns by placing ads on the homepage, Control page. But I think it is not true because when you buy premium hosting it redirects you to iFastnet which shows it is a subsidiary of iFastnet.


2.    AwardSpace.com :


AwardSpace is also a famous hosting service. It also gives free WordPress hosting which install’s in a single click. AwardSpace is similar to and not an independent hosting provider.


Major the drawback of Infinityfree and AwardSpace is they start redirecting your visitors to their premium hosting websites on a small number of visits. Both of them have blocked my site over this issue only for 24 hours and all my blog visitors were redirected to their websites.

Good the thing with these two hostings is they do not force you to place an ad on your site.


Pro and cons of 000WebHost


Pro. -


·       Free WordPress Hosting

·       One-click WordPress install

·       Custom website builder also

·       Good uptime

·       No redirects


Cons. -


·       Forced Bottom ad

·       Limited Bandwidth

·       Limited Disk space

·       Only 2 free hosting



Conclusion -


·       000WebHost is a good platform for learners you should at least try it.

·       Another free hosting like 5Gb free, Infinityfree sucks your visitors.

·       You can upgrade to Hostinger with 0 fees.



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